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The two police-escorted routes for 2014 are:

The Roswell and Decatur routes. Cyclists on both routes will have police escorts to the Capitol. As in the past, the rides back are not escorted.**

 D E C A T U R

Decatur will be 5 miles one-way, with some hills, and ridden at a slow pace. The Decatur route starts at the north parking lot of the East Lake MARTA rail station. PLEASE NOTE that there is a route CHANGE this year. The Edgewood Ave. bridge (at Krog St.) is closed and there is streetcar track construction as well. The route will detour at Edgewood and Krog to Irwin St. and follow Irwin (name changes to John Wesley Dobbs near downtown) to Courtland. See map for details.

Estimated departure time from Decatur is 10:45 a.m.


 r o s w e l l

Roswell will be 21 miles one-way, very hilly, and ridden at a 12 MPH pace. The Roswell route starts at Roswell City Hall.

Estimated departure time from Roswell is 9:45 a.m.

DOWNLOAD: Map | Cue Sheets (pdf format)

*Novice and family (and even intermediate) cyclists are encouraged to ride the Decatur route or join the Roswell route closer to downtown Atlanta.

**Cyclists will embark on police-escorted to the Capitol, but Return Routes WILL NOT be police escorted. To and Return Routes will have SAG support.


 Auxiliary Riding Options

Several bicycle shops and/or bike groups are planning club/social style bike rides from other locations to Georgia Rides To The Capitol. These rides will NOT be police escorted in either direction and they will have little or no SAG support. These auxiliary rides are a great way to join in and show your local community your support of cycling in Georgia. The rides are still being confirmed as of 12/01/2014. Check back closer to the event to confirm exact auxiliary ride details! Please note that only the Decatur and Roswell routes are police escorted – and they are NOT escorted on the return trip.



Serrano Century  Southern Bicycle League


Bicycle South

City of Sandy Springs

Pitstop  Outspokin

Free Flite Bicycles   Cycle Works

Roswell Bicycles


ABC  Bike Cobb

Bike Roswell  Bike Cobb

Dick Lane Velodrome  Bike Cobb